Polanneterä Scrofa 2700-3600

Welcome to learn more about Polanneterä’s renewed models and their features. The major uses of our special grader blade for icy surfaces is roughening in connection with snow ploughing and removing ice by cutting it into blocks even in very demanding circumstances. In summer use, the special grader blade has turned out to be useful in grading gravel roads.

The special grader blade has an ejection angle of 30 degrees so the material to be removed moves well in both summer and winter use. Ever since 2006 we have sold the special grader blades by saying that they work as well as the underbody blade and this argument is still valid for our new series of models. All the novelties of Scrofa series are designed by us, they are not copies, and they are patented or patents are pending.
When you compare price, quality of work result, ease of use, aftermarket value and other features, your choice is likely to be the renewed Polanterä 2700-3000.


Technical data/with pin blades
  PT-2700          PT-3000
Max. Working Width        2750 mm       3050 mm
Minimum working width 2580 mm      2780 mm
Height of plate                  520 mm         520 mm
Sleeing angle ca.               30°                  30°
Blade Bar min.                  10 mm            10 mm
Available widths mm       2700-3000       3300-3600
Blade raising option         YES                   YES
Blade extension option    YES                  YES
Pressure accumulator relief YES             YES