Pin Blade Frames AA-4000

Polanneterä Oy’s pin blade frames are manufactured of durable high-quality materials. The manufacturing process of the pin blade frames by welding instead of casting leaves no warping or hairline cracks in the frame. The blade angle definition, important for the user, is appropriate and uncompromisingly realised. The frames are equipped with crimping.

Length 916 mm (3-point) 305 mm


Length: 1216 mm (4-point) 305 mm


For easy order see the pictures above:
3-point / 4-point
To order the toothed blade frames, count the number of hitch pins on the hitch (305 mm).

Tooth models of a manufacturer:


The correct blade angle is essential in ordering a toothed blade. The tooth must be at a 42° +/- 4° angle to the road surface for the teeth to function flawlessly. Choosing the wrong tooth angle wears the teeth, damages the road surface and results in poor quality of work. See the pictures below for choosing the correct angle.

1. WRONG. blade frame at 45° in a hitch leaving at 14°, pin at too steep an angle
2. CORRECT 45° in a vertical hitch.
3. CORRECT blade frame at 60° in a hitch leaving at 14°.

Angles to choose from are25°/45°/60°