Back Plough Grabber 2500-3900


Polanneterä Grabber 2500-3900 is a versatile and unbeatable tool for property maintenance.

The grabber allows you to do for example the following property maintenance jobs: snow ploughing/ice removal/skidding prevention.

The grabber is equipped with a patented pressing system that is the most user-friendly in the market and common in Polanneterä products, allowing roughing, ice removal and ploughing of courtyards. In addition, pressing stops the machine from lifting from the ground even with large snow loads.

The working width of the machine is steplessly adjustable in range of 2.50-3.90m. The additional wings of the grabber can be used either simultaneously or separately depending on the job.

The back lifting device installation provides for example the following benefits:
– efficient pressing
– steering response unimpaired
– applicable also in small tractors
– allows you to get close to the wall
– allows dead end cleaning
– wide working width/really quick
– clean result
– easy to connect/disconnect
– user friendly pressing-lifting with hydraulic push bar.